On October 22nd, VOTE Shelley Carroll for City Councillor


Over the past 15 years, we have watched our community grow into one of Toronto’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. New facilities and services, more housing, increased development and a growing population have changed the landscape of our community for the better.

For those 15 years I had the honour of serving as your City Councillor, and I’m proud of what we accomplished together — but there is still so much work to do.

That’s why I am announcing my candidacy for re-election as your City Councillor for Ward 31 (formerly named Ward 33) in Toronto’s upcoming municipal election.

It’s our same great community — from Highway 401 to Finch, the Don Valley River Trail to Victoria Park Ave, plus Shawnee Park — with a brand new number and name: Ward 31. It is a pivotal spot in Toronto and it deserves the best representation possible.

I am running again to work with you to advance Ward 31 with a “quality of life” approach. Growing communities like ours need representatives who know how to advocate for progress while keeping the best interests of residents in mind, and I hope to continue to do just that.

As City Councillor, I:

  • Delivered and upgraded community spaces we rely on;
  • Introduced Toronto’s Basement Flooding Mitigation program;
  • Conducted Toronto’s first-ever Participatory Budgeting Process;
  • Served as Chair of the City’s Budget Committee during the global financial crisis;
  • Created the “Ward 33 Weekly E-blast” to directly engage with residents on the issues of the day.

In the coming months, the Ward 31 campaign will begin in full force. There will be plenty of thoughtful debate on how to move our community forward. As the citywide election unfolds, I think you will see now is the time for strong leadership, action and experience from someone who has always seen public service as a 24/7 calling and not just a job.

Taking exciting ideas and exploring them with community members is something that takes energy, leadership and a really super team — that’s where you come in!  If you are interested in volunteering or donating to the campaign, sign up below.

I am looking forward to working with all of you over the next few months as we discuss and debate our vision for Ward 31 for the next four years.



Shelley Carroll

Candidate for City Council - Ward 31