Protecting Your Tax Dollars

During my tenure as Budget Chief, we were able to push through over $400 million in everyday operating efficiencies. Working on the Annual Budget Committee Efficiency Review is the hardest, most time consuming task on Council, and I step up for it every time while most councillors never bother.

Year after year I have consulted with you on your tax dollars, both online and in my annual Budget Town Hall. I opposed Mayor Tory’s road toll proposal in 2017 because you were not consulted — the toll would have cost as much as $40 per week per household in our community. Such bold moves should be honestly discussed at election time so your vote truly decides your future, and I will continue to respect that.

During the course of this campaign, it has come to my attention an opponent has spread untruthful news that I was planning a 2% sales tax for you. Not true. Want to learn more?

Read my E-Blast from August 23rd- Let's Talk Taxes