We have faced a lot of development in the last 12 years because of OMB approvals around the subway line. In the portion of Ward 17, Don Valley North that I was representing I worked very hard to make sure affordable and low-income housing was included in those negotiations. Having a subway nearby increases the value of every single family home, but it should not displace other residents in the process.

During my time at Council, I:

• Introduced 60 newly built rent-geared-to-income apartment units
• Had 230 older rent-geared-to-income townhomes rebuilt at no cost to taxpayers
• Relocated 335 existing tenants to new apartments with five months of free rent and 15 years of below-market rent control
• Arranged for 9 new affordable-ownership condos to be sold and monitored by Habitat for Humanity
• Negotiated a fund to provide rent supplements to 30 existing families in Parkway Forest

I’m proud of these efforts but it is still not enough. The Toronto Community Housing Corporation is one board I haven’t sat on yet — I’ll push to take all I’ve learned in the projects above and dedicate substantial amounts of my committee time to Housing.

Housing has not traditionally been a part of election time conversations. I am proud of the fact that we have engaged across all neighbourhoods on this topic and all agree we need more progress on this front. It isn’t about someone else’s affordability anymore. We know our own kids and grandkids will not find good homes to live in without including both affordable rental housing and affordable ownership in every new development that approved, from Bayview Village to Victoria Park and Sheppard.

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